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The Hunger for Meaning

Alan Fricker

The global crisis is a crisis of meaning - a search for story as to how we now understand the world. The search for new meaning is explored through the congruence and convergence in the insights of several authors from the secular world, four in particular two of whom are from the business world. Technology and materialism have made us mercenaries with no commitment and responsibility to the collective future, to morality, and to society. They reflect the false life energies we pursue in our search for meaning. Our innate desire to seek meaningful connection with the living world and a transcendent purpose in the universe is compromised. Yet this purpose is essential for evolutionary survival where we engage with the interior, subjective dimensions of reality, not just in our personal but also in our collective lives. The modern concepts of stewardship and partnership help in that transformation, of ourselves and in our systems of governance, from command and control structures to interdependent structures.

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